CL-SOM-iMX8: Evaluation Kit: Getting Started

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System setup

  1. Connect a DVI/HDMI Display to HDMI connector J2 using a standard HDMI/DVI cable.
  2. Connect a USB Keyboard to USB connector U30.
  3. Make sure jumpers E3, E9 and E11 are not populated.
  4. Make sure jumpers E8 and E10 are populated (default state).
  5. Connect a standard USB cable (included in the kit) between your host PC and the evaluation kit micro-USB2.0 connector P12.
  6. On your computer, start a terminal emulation program (such as HyperTerminal) with the following serial port settings:
Baud Rate Data Bits Stop Bits Parity Flow Control
115200 8 1 none none

More Details: Connector J2, Connector U30, Connector P12.

Starting the system

  1. Connect the DC 12V power supply adapter (included) to main DC power connector J3.
  2. The system will boot into Linux. Root auto-login is enabled on the serial console .
Admolition note.png In case no messages appear in your terminal emulation program, please refer to the detailed USB console guide.

What Next?