CM-iGLX: Hardware: Revision Notes

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Rev 2.x

This revision contains WiFi functionality. The DRAM size is limited to 256MB.

Rev 2.1 [10-Dec-2008]

  • NAND flash controller changed for more robust and stable storage

Rev 2.01 [31-Nov-2007]

  • Layout improvement of rev. 2.0 for better manufacturability

Rev 2.0 [22-Jun-2007]

  • On-board WiFi functionality added
  • DISP_EN pin is connected to the P3-9 (SPARE0)

Rev 1.x

Modules of revision 1.x do not contain WiFi.
The DRAM size can be up to 512MB in rev. 1.4 only.

Rev 1.33 [01-01-2014]

  • NAND flash controller change due to EOL for previous version

Rev 1.4 [23-Jul-2008]

  • DDR extension up to 512MB (using BGA DDRs)

Rev 1.31 [15-May-2008]

  • Layout improvement of rev. 1.3

Rev 1.22 [22-Dec-2007]

  • Layout improvement of rev. 1.21 for better production yield

Rev 1.3 [19-Dec-2007]

  • NAND flash controller change from IT8907 to SM321
  • Memory power supply was redesigned
  • AC97_BITCLK was disconnected from the CAMI interface when internal AUDIO assembled
  • DISP_EN pin was connected to the P3-9 (SPARE0)

Rev 1.21 [14-Jun-2007]

  • Power up stability fix

Rev 1.2 [28-Jan-2007]

  • Audio codec change from USB1400 to WM9715
  • P3-105 and P3-101 pins are NC from this revision
  • Minor improvements

Rev 1.1 [16-Jun-2006]

  • Initial release