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COMEX-IC50L is a Computer-on-Module packed in the industry-standard COM Express Compact form factor. COMEX-IC50L is fully compliant with the COM Express standard and has been designed for seamless integration into COM Express system designs.

COMEX-IC50L is built around the Intel 5th Generation Core (Broadwell) ULT processor family, featuring a highly scalable and power efficient CPU coupled with the powerful Intel HD Graphics engine. Delivering high performance in a miniature form-factor and low-power envelope, COMEX-IC50L is an ideal choice for power demanding yet space-constrained systems.

Featuring a wide range of industry standard interfaces, COMEX-IC50L is an excellent platform for networking, industrial automation, communications and IoT applications. High-performance Intel HD Graphics GPU and support for triple display operation make COMEX-IC50L a powerful solution for multimedia applications such as digital signage, point of sale and surveillance.


Admolition note.png From time to time CompuLab releases new software versions for COMEX-IC50L in order to fix bugs, address component changes and add functionality. It is highly recommended to subscribe to the Feed-icon.png COMEX-IC50L RSS Feed in order to receive automatic notifications about software updates.

10-Sep-2015, COMEX-IC50L Linux release
Initial release of Linux Mint 17.2 LTS for COMEX-IC40D
- Linux Kernel 3.16
- MATE Desktop Environment 1.10.0
- X Server 1.15.1