EM-X270: Hardware: Revision Notes

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Rev 1.4 [8-Aug-2008]

  • Depleted battery charging issue fixed
  • Provision for SYS_EN delay added. Currently is not in use
  • Provision for EMI suppression on the USB hub oscillator added. Currently is not in use

Rev 1.3 [6-May-2008]

  • USB2 controller removed. USB hub added. The PXA270 host port is connected to the hub. The hub four ports are connected to Bluetooth, GSM/GPRS modem, secondary onboard USB connector and extension board connector. 5V 100mA power source added to supply the second USB port. Controlled by the USB_HOST_VCC_EN line.
  • The GE864 GSM/GPRS modem removed. Telit`s generic form factor connector added. Allows connecting the GC864 (GE864 equivalent with connector) or the 3.5G UC864. Provision for USB port connection for UC864 added. UART connected through buffers for signal level adjustment. The buffers are powered by LDO19 of DA9030.
  • Extension board connector pin-out changed. The following lines were removed: FUSB_OVC (pin 129), P_MB_A25 (pin 115), P_MB_A24 (pin 102) and P_MB_A23 (pin 113). The touch-screen signals were added: LCD_TSMY (pin 129), LCD_TSMX (pin 115), LCD_TSPX (pin 113) and LCD_TSPY (pin 102).
  • BGW200 controller removed. W2SW0001 WLAN controller added. Provision for both SDIO and SPI interfaces exist. The power to the controller is supplied from a LDO that is controlled by the WLAN_PWEN line.
  • 100pF capacitor added to the LCD_PCLK line in order to fix the LCD controller timing issue.
  • Charging indication LED connection changed in order to support depleted battery charging indication.
  • NAND flash connection changed to support control lines latching.
  • Back-up battery charging scheme changed.
  • Camera reset connection changed in order to support the CM1314YMH camera module.

Rev 1.2 [18-Nov-2007]

  • MMC card detect voltage connection changed.
  • Audio jack left - right swapped.
  • DM9000 reset line added.
  • Compensation capacitor added to RTC.
  • RST connected to ONKEY.
  • Assembly options corrected.
  • Pcb rev. resistors updated.
  • Connection option for BATT_FAULT added.
  • Add vias to the P1 GND connection.
  • Correct U21 foot-print.
  • Remove vias from case pads.