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The CompuLab CM-X300 module is using U-Boot boot-loader for low-level initializations and operating system loading. U-Boot is an open source firmware for wide range of embedded systems (e.g. PowerPC, ARM, MIPS, x86, ColdFire, AVR32, NIOS, etc.). On this page we will discuss only features and use cases related to CompuLab CM-X300 module. For more information on U-Boot, please refer to Official U-Boot Homepage.
The most recent CompuLab U-Boot version for CM-X300 is checked out from v2009.03 of Das U-Boot repository.

Links to information about U-Boot package for CM-X300 modules:



U-Boot 2009.03-cm-x300-6.2 release
- Added progress bar for various commands
- Fixed baudrate issue not being applied on boot
- Fixed LCD shift issue
- Fixed PCB revision detection for revision 1.41 boards
- Updated multiple articles to comply with the new U-Boot package
U-Boot 2009.03-cm-x300-6.1 release
- Fixed USB OTG Host port
CM-X300: U-Boot: Firmware Update article updated:
- Added update from MMC/SD Card
CM-X300: U-Boot: LCD and Splash screen article renamed to CM-X300: U-Boot: Custom Features and extended with:
- CPU frequency change
- "silent" option
- boot delay
- custom GPIO setting
- U-Boot advanced power mode
- Alternate Boot Button
U-Boot 2009.03-cm-x300-6 release
- Added MMC/SD card support
- Added Alternative Boot Button handling
- Added custom GPIO setting
- Improved PM and PI2C handling
- Fixed Ethernet detection
U-Boot 2009.03-cm-x300-5 release
- Added CPU frequency change support
- Added "silent" option support
- Improved Ethernet performance
Added CM-X300: U-Boot: Disabled Module Recovery article
Added CM-X300: U-Boot: LCD and Splash screen article
U-Boot 2009.03-cm-x300-4 release
- Added DRAM size detection
- Added LCD and Splash screen support
- Added support for resume from S3/D4/C4 low power mode
- Added I2C and PCA953X GPIO chip driver
- Added support for USB port3 on modules without "W" option
- Disabled debug output to FFUART
- Fixed MFPR setup for PXA310
- Fixed VCC Core voltage configuration
Added CM-X300: U-Boot: Firmware Development article
U-Boot 2009.03-cm-x300-3 release
- Added PXA310 USB support
- Green LED (for CM-X300 revision 1.3 and higher)
Initial release of U-Boot for CM-X300 documentation
U-Boot 2009.03-cm-x300-2 release supports:
- DA9030 power management chip
- DM9000A Ethernet chip
- PXA300 USB
- Onboard NAND chip
- Green LED (up to CM-X300 revision 1.2)
- System revision and serial number in ATAGS