CL-SOM-AM57x: Linux: Known Issues

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  • eth0 name is assigned to the secondary Ethernet adapter which port is routed to auxiliary P10 connector of SB-SOM-AM57x.
Workaround : Make sure to use eth1 name for the primary Ethernet port (P21) and eth0 for secondary (P10).
  • The RTC device can start with invalid information.

Systemd getting stuck during start-up with continues printing:

systemd[1]: Time has been changed

The problem is caused by incompatibility between 32 bit Linux and systemd regarding the size of time_t. The problem is discussed in systemd issue 1143:

Workaround : disable system time from RTC on start-up.
* Wifi firmware revision can cause to the CPU core to get stuck.
Workaround : upgrade the firmware file /lib/firmware/ti-connectivity/wl18xx-fw-4.bin to revision
Admolition note.png The image can be downloaded from the Linux firmware git repository:
mini PCIe 0
  • The mini PCIe connector is disabled by default in the SB-SOM-AM57x board.
Workaround : Use the following U-Boot command to pull PCIe 0 out of reset:
i2c dev 4; pca953x output 1 1