CL-SOM-AM57x: Linux: TI SDK demo

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Connection and Logging In

Use the following username and password to login:

cl-som-am57x-sid login: root
Password: 111111

Multimedia Examples

  • Run pre-installed demo
Admolition note.png Some demos can't run if Weston is up. Stop it before running the demos.
root@debian-armhf:~# /etc/init.d/weston stop
  • H.264 Decoding
root@debian-armhf:~# /usr/bin/
  • H.265 Decoding
root@debian-armhf:~# /usr/bin/
  • SGX Demos
root@debian-armhf:~# /usr/bin/SGX/demos/Raw/OGLES2Coverflow &
root@debian-armhf:~# pkill OGLES2Coverflow
root@debian-armhf:~# /usr/bin/SGX/demos/Raw/OGLES2ChameleonMan &
root@debian-armhf:~# pkill OGLES2Chameleon
root@debian-armhf:~# /usr/bin/SGX/demos/Raw/OGLES2ExampleUI &
root@debian-armhf:~# pkill OGLES2ExampleUI
root@debian-armhf:~# /usr/bin/SGX/demos/Raw/OGLES2Navigation &
root@debian-armhf:~# pkill OGLES2Navigatio
  • OpenGL Demo
root@debian-armhf:~# kmscube -a &
root@debian-armhf:~# pkill kmscube
  • QT Demo
Admolition note.png QT makes use of Weston. Start it before running the QT demos.
root@debian-armhf:~# /etc/init.d/weston start
Open up weston-terminal and issue:
root@debian-armhf:~# cd /usr/share/qt5/examples/widgets/painting
root@debian-armhf:~# ./affine/affine


  • Restore tty after running SGX demos
root@debian-armhf:~# echo -e "\033c"
  • Disable Matrix GUI auto start
root@debian-armhf:~# update-rc.d matrix-gui-2.0 remove
  • Exit from the Matrix GUI
/etc/init.d/matrix-gui-2.0 stop

TI Resources

See also