CL-SOM-AM57x TI AM57x Yocto Linux

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This page contains links to information about Yocto Linux distribution for the CompuLab CL-SOM-AM57x System-on-Module / Computer-on-Module.

The Yocto Project is an open-source collaboration focused on embedded Linux development.



30-Jan-2017, CL-SOM-AM57x Documentation updates
- Added new article CL-SOM-AM57x: Yocto Linux: User Space
22-Jan-2017, CL-SOM-AM57x Yocto Linux release
Initial release of Yocto Linux version yocto-cl-som-am57x-1.0 for CL-SOM-AM57x with Arago user space (root file system)
- Wayland / Weston
- TI matrix GUI
Linux kernel based on TI processor SDK version 2.0.1
- Display: LVDS, DVI, LCD
- Networking: Ethernet, WiFi
- Bluetooth support
- Audio: HDMI, Analog
- Video Decoding: H264, H265 support
- PowerVR SGX544 Graphics Acceleration support
- TMS320C66x DSP support
U-Boot based on mainline v2015.04
- Storage: eMMc, SD card, USB
- Ethernet support
- I2C bus support
- Added multiple documentation articles for the new Yocto Linux package