CM-X300: Hardware: Revision Notes

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Rev 1.3 [30.6.2009]

  • Added support for PXA310 CPU
  • ULPI and 6-wire USB transmitters added (enabling USB support om PXA310)
  • GPIO 80, 81, 82 now shared with USB host in C624M configuration (cannot be used as GPIO)
  • WLAN_ENA and WLAN_RST GPIO's changed to GPIO71 and GPIO70, respectively
  • LED GPIO changed to GPIO76
  • PMIC’s USB charge pump output connected to CAMI VCC5 pin
  • ONE_WIRE routed to PS2_KDAT CAMI pin
  • GPIO of revision jumpers changed
  • PWM1 (GPIO18) routed to CAMI A pin 51

Rev 1.2 [10.1.2009]

  • AC'97 touch screen interrupt connected to CPU
  • RTC connected by means of GPIO
  • USB1 N/A on CAMI on "W" option modules
  • Added DF_SCLK_E to CAMI (CAMI B pin 120)
  • SSP interface routed to CAMI connector B
  • Jumpers for revision detection added.
  • AC'97 bypass to CAMI provided
  • Antennae separated from the sockets by jumpers
  • Fixed antennae footprints

Rev 1.1 [25.6.2008]

  • Support for two MMC sockets provided on CAMI
  • WLAN + BT solution implemented by a Wi2Wi combo IC
  • CPU’s GPIO pins of MSL interface powered with 3V supply
  • AC'97 CODEC connected to an LDO instead of VBAT
  • R1 package changed to 0402
  • Provided option on PMIC to connect to the regular I2C bus.
  • LAN power and Data Flash power separated
  • Some power source changes done
  • PMIC's ONKEY# routed to CAMI's SUSP_IN
  • PMIC's IRQ# and CAMI PMI# routed to CPU's EXT_WAKE pin
  • Added LED
  • More CPU GPIO's (80..90) routed to CAMI local bus pins

Rev 1.0 [22-Nov-2007]

  • Initial release