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Compulab provides support for its products through the online support portal. For additional information about the CompuLab support portal, please refer to the Support Portal help page.

Please use the following template when you submit a support ticket:

  1. State the product's hardware revision
  2. State the software release date you are using
  3. Does the problem occur on the CompuLab evaluation platform?
  4. What is the symptom (upload a log file)
  5. What is the expected behaviour
  6. Steps to reproduce the problem
  7. Additional relevant information

Providing all the above information will enable us to provide faster and more accurate support.

Issue report example

I am using the Windows CE package for CM-X300 released on 13/4/2014, and downloaded from www.anotherinvalidplace.nul.
The following happens on Compulab's eval board (CM+SB):
RTC fails to save the time.
I expect the date and time to persist when doing a software reboot.
To reproduce:

  • turn the module on
  • Set the time and date
  • Reboot the module using Software reboot
  • Check the time

Additional info:

  • Doing the same experiment with a GPIO reset succeeds.
  • The device is powered by the battery when doing this.
  • Plugging the device to the power supply resolves this.

The log file is attached