CM-iGT: BIOS Update

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Update using an external USB Flash Device

Preparing the BIOS Updater

  1. Download the CM-iGT BIOS Updater package.
  2. Connect the USB Flash Drive (UFD) to your host PC
    Important Note:Ensure that you don't have any other USB mass storage devices connected
  3. Run Win32DiskImager.exe
  4. Select the target disk in the Device drop-box
  5. Select the extracted iGT_Bios_Updater.img in the Image File search-box
  6. Press Write button to proceed
  7. Wait until completion
  8. Disconnect the UFD from your host PC

Updating the BIOS

  1. On the SB-iGT carrier board, make sure that pins 5 and 6 in JP1 are shorted.
  2. Connect the previously created UFD to the SB-iGT and power on the system.
  3. The system boots to DOS.
  4. Type "flash.bat".
  5. Wait for completion.
  6. Ensure there are no error messages during the update process.