CM-iTC: BIOS Update

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BIOS Update

Updating using external USB disk-on-key

Preparation Steps

  1. Download the BIOS image from the CompuLab website.
  2. Download the Image Writer for Windows utility.
  3. Insert a removable disk-on-key into the USB slot (ensure you don't have any other USB mass storage devices connected).
  4. Run Win32DiskImager.exe (downloaded in step 2).
  5. Select "Device" - target disk-on-key.
  6. Choose "Image File" - 128MBDOS.img.
  7. Press the "Write" key to proceed and wait for completion.
  8. Eject and then reinsert the bootable USB device with preinstalled image.
  9. Copy to the root directory the following files: CM-iTC.bin, Pflash.exe, flash.bat and Efildr16 from the appropriate folder.

To update the CM-iTC BIOS

  1. Insert the previously created USB disk to the CM-iTC and power on the system.
  2. Boot to DOS.
  3. Choose the BIOS source to update (using jumper E11) as described in Dual BIOS support article.
  4. Type "flash.bat".
  5. Wait for completion.
  6. System will restart automatically after update.

Updating using external programmer ("Dediprog")

This update scheme is supported only for updating the BIOS chip which is installed on the base board.

  1. Remove power jack J1 from the SB-iTC.
  2. Connect the Dediprog's ISP cable to P58.
  3. Switch the E11 jumper to the position 2-3.
  4. Insert the J1 power jack - the board starts automatically.
  5. Press the PWR button SW3 for 4 seconds to turn off the core.
  6. You can now program the BIOS flash on base.
  7. After the update, disconnect Dediprog's ISP cable.
  8. Switch the E11 jumper back to the 1-2 position.
  9. Restart using the "Reset" button SW2.

After Update

To ensure the update was successful, enter the BIOS menu by pressing "F2" during start up and verify that the BIOS revision date has changed. The BIOS date is specified in Main->System Information - >Build Time.