SB-FX6: HOWTO: CAN Connection

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SB-FX6 top view
SB-FX6 top view
SB-FX6 bottom view
SB-FX6 bottom view


The CAN bus interface available with SB-FX6 is accessible through the P61 100mil header. Use jumper wires to connect your CAN node with SB-FX6 CAN bus interface as outlined in the table below.

P61 Pin Signal Name Description
1 CAN_GND Connect to GND terminal your CAN bus interface
5 CAN_L Connect to CAN_L terminal your CAN bus interface
3 CAN_H Connect to CAN_H terminal your CAN bus interface
2 CAN_VCC (5V) If your CAN bus interface requires 5V power, Connect this pin to your CAN bus terminal. Otherwise, Do not use.

120Ω CAN bus termination

CAN bus termination on a node is required with some CAN bus topologies while forbidden with others. SB-FX6 board revision 1.2 (or later) supports enabling/disabling the 120Ω CAN bus termination implemented onboard SB-FX6. Set the bus termination most recommended for your CAN bus topology using P61 connector.

Admolition note.png Revisions 1.1 and 1.0 of SB-FX6 do feature CAN bus termination
  • Place a jumper cap between pins 4 and 6 of P61 to enable 120Ω CAN bus termination.
  • Remove the jumper cap to from pins 2 and 3 of P61 to disable 120Ω CAN bus termination.