SBC-FITPC2: Hardware: Revision Notes

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Rev 1.4 [10-Jan-2010]

  • Audio codec is changed to Realtek ALC662 for providing better audio quality and S/PDIF support. 5.1 audio output supported via S/PDIF.
  • New audio connectors with sense support and S/PDIF support (with adapter).
  • Serial-ATA implementation moved to the main board. HDD interface is now SATA only.
  • PATA connector was changed to SATA 12-pin
  • WiFI aperture was increased
  • Instant power ON support.
  • Ethernet controller changed (8111B->8111D) for improving Ethernet performance and design optimization.
  • Mechanical support for half mini PCIExpress modules.
  • Power supply efficiency improvements.
  • USB +5V off in S5 support.
  • Provisional FPC connector for LVDS interface support.

Rev 1.21 [2-Apr-2009]

  • 1st mass-production revision