UCM-iMX8M-Plus: Yocto Linux: Known Issues

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  • Evaluation board can’t wake up after suspend if a PCIe device installed into the P9 socket
  • How to reproduce:
  • Install any PCIe device into the P9 socket
  • Power on the board
  • Wait for Linux prompt
  • Issue:
rtcwake -s 5 -m mem -d /dev/rtc0
  • Workaround:
  • Leave the P9 socket empty for suspend/resume evaluation
Analog Audio Codec
  • System boot fails after using wm8731 codec
  • How to reproduce:
  • Power on the board
  • Press a key to prevent a possible autoboot and get into the U-Boot command prompt
  • Use the following to set device tree that supports analog audio codec and start booting into Linux:
setenv fdtfile ucm-imx8m-plus-wm8731.dtb; boot
  • Wait for Linux prompt
  • Use cl-oselect to select alsa_output.platform-sound.analog-stereo output device
  • Try to reboot the device:
  • Workaround:
  • Issue device power cycling
  • Avoid using the ucm-imx8m-plus-wm8731.dtb device tree blob

  • Docker-CE fail to run on latest Yocto release 3.0
  • How to reproduce:
execute: sudo docker run -it ubuntu
  • Workaround:
  • Replace the docker-ce engine with docker-moby
bash <(curl -L https://raw.githubusercontent.com/compulab-yokneam/Documentation/master/ucm-imx8m-plus/docker.sh)
  • Github article: