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CM-T43 is a tiny computer-on-module (CoM) / system-on-module (SoM) designed to serve as a building block in embedded applications. CM-T43 is built around the Texas Instruments Sitara AM437x system-on-chip family featuring an advanced Cortex-A9 ARM CPU coupled with a PowerVR SGX GPU. The SoC is supplemented with up-to 1GB DDR3 and 32GB of on-board eMMC storage. In addition, CM-T43 features an unprecedented array of networking interfaces with dual Gbit Ethernet, 2x2 MIMO dual-band 802.11ac/a/b/g/n WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0, CM-T43 is an excellent solution for networking, industrial communications and IoT applications. CM-T43 is provided with full ready-to-run Linux software packages and comprehensive documentation.

Linux Yocto Linux U-Boot
Linux-Logo.jpg Yocto-Logo1.png U-boot.jpg

Admolition note.png From time to time CompuLab releases new software versions for CM-T43 in order to fix bugs, address component changes and add functionality. It is highly recommended to subscribe to the Feed-icon.png CM-T43 RSS Feed in order to receive automatic notifications about software updates.

16-Jul-2017, CM-T43 Yocto Linux release 2.0
Yocto Linux 4.4.19-yocto-ti-cm-t43-2
- Rebased over latest TI Yocto layers
- WiFi support
- Bluetooth support
- CAN bus support
- PRU support
29-Jun-2016, CM-T43 Linux release
Linux kernel 4.4.13-cm-t43-5 for CM-T43 updates
- Updated kernel base code to version 4.4.13
- Updated WiFi/BT firmware (15.68.7.p77)
- Fixed RTC clock source
- Light restructuring and updates to multiple articles with the new Linux package
01-May-2016, CM-T43 Documentation updates
- Added new article CM-T43: Evaluation Kit: Getting Started
29-Feb-2016, CM-T43 U-Boot Documentation updates
- Added SD-card boot article
22-Feb-2016, CM-T43 U-Boot release
Initial release of U-Boot for CM-T43:
U-Boot 2016.01-cm-t43-1 supports:
- SPI flash
- NAND flash
- USB host
- Multiple I2C buses
- Serial console
- Ethernet
- Green LED
- Fix fdt addr command in older U-Boot versions
- Fix PMIC settings in older U-Boot versions
01-Feb-2016, CM-T43 Linux release
Linux kernel 4.2-cm-t43-4 for CM-T43 updates
- Add CAN bus support
- Add DVI support
- Improve WiFi operation
- Updated multiple articles to comply with the new Linux package
07-Dec-2015, CM-T43 Linux release
Linux kernel 4.2-cm-t43-3.2 for CM-T43 updates
- Add audio support
- Add OPP support
- Update kernel base code to version 4.2
- Improve Ethernet operation
- Fix RTC
- Fix WiFi/Bluetooth start up
- Updated multiple articles to comply with the new Linux package
17-Nov-2015, CM-T43 Yocto Linux release
Initial release of Yocto 1.6 (Daisy) Linux for CM-T43
06-Jul-2015, Linux
Linux kernel 3.19-cm-t43-2 for CM-T43 updates
- Added 2nd Ethernet port support
- Added NAND support
- Added USB device mode support
- Added Touchscreen support
- Added EEPROM support
- Fix Heartbeat Green LED
- Added Bluetooth documentation
- Updated multiple articles to comply with the new Linux package
19-Apr-2015, Linux
Initial release of Linux kernel and Debian Linux Demo image for CM-T43
- Basic support for the CM-T43 module
- Green LED support
- MMC/SD card support
- eMMC internal storage support
- USB 2.0 host ports support
- Ethernet support
- RTC support
- Parallel LCD output support
- WiFi support